About me – Glenn W. Frost LCSW-R, ACSW

I have over 20 years experience successfully working as a licensed clinical social worker with children, youth, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups in Western New York.  I have worked in such varied settings as The Life Transition Center (grief and loss counseling for children, adults and families), Child and Adolescent Treatment Services (counseling for children and families where myriad types of abuse have occurred) and Hospice Buffalo (working with both patients experiencing a life threatening illness and their families).  In addition to my outpatient private practice I am also currently a faculty member in The State University of New York at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Social Work.

Clients come to see me seeking assistance for a wide variety of issues related to anxiety, depression, mental or physical illness, grief and loss, trauma, stress and unexplained anger.  I believe in examining issues from a family perspective.  Where did you come from and how did you become who you are?  These are questions that we seek answers to.

When we struggle in our lives it is easy to forget what is right and focus solely on what is wrong.  It is my job to assist you in getting back on the right path and for you to be able to make the choice to “walk down another street”. 

*Please read my first post – Walk Down Another Street (2 down from this one) – to understand exactly what I am referring to.

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